Saturday, November 22, 2008

This is it! Don't get scared now!

The countdown is on. Tuesday the 25th is the day for little baby girl to be born around 8:00 am. And since I think vaginal deliveries are so Old Fashioned I'll be having this girl the easy way a C-Section. Ya since Brittany Spears is awesome and she's having them - then that's how I want to have my babies. I'm cool like that. Really that's a lie. You would think I have learned my lesson of saying "I will Never....." or "My kids will Never.... ". I haven't really ever Said, BUT I have always thought that I would Never have a C-Section - well that's what I get. Little baby girl is breech. And since I have a wonderfully "unique uterus" with a septum or a wall going partially through it, she is stuck - so I Have to have a C-Section. During one of my first doctors appointments the doc asked me if I was going to have a vaginal delivery or C Section. Then he said since Brittany Spears had C-sections a lot more ladies are having them. I just laughed and he did too saying you never know. And I thought I would never have one! Oh well it will be worth it! Good thing I'm not scared.

A little trivia game. Who can tell me what movie my post title is from? Its a classic - right Falon?!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Songs Already?!!!

I am one of those nerds who could listen to Christmas music year round, so no time is too early for me. For those of you who hate music on blogs (sorry Molly) please ignore this post. But I had to put on my FAVORITE CHRISTMAS song on our playlist. I Celebrate the Day by Relient K. I Love This Song, as Penelepe would say. Again since I'm not computer savvy I don't know how to make this the only song to be playing on our blog during the Christmas season, so for those of you who have a spare 3 minutes and 5 secs or so to listen to it, please do - its great.

And as the song says the moment Christ was born He changed this world forever.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall Days

Is there anything more relaxing then throwing rocks in a river? We dropped Ryan off at school for a couple of hours one day and spent the afternoon at the park about a block away from Buff State. It was a beautiful fall afternoon - too bad Penelepe wasn't feeling so great. I love the picture of Oliver and Penelepe by the tree - sometimes they are so alike!

For my birthday this year Oliver's school decided to have a surprise birthday for me - wasn't that so great of them! Really it was the Fall Festival (or Fall Fundraiser) and we heard that it was suppose to be so fun with lots of activities for the kids. I thought it would be a great family outing for my birthday. Ya - I was wrong. It was LAME. Good ol Fort Shaw Elementary in Montana had way better activities! There wasn't even a cake walk or fish pond! They had a dance and that was about it. Kind of weird - kind of funny. Elementary kids having a dance? But the kids had fun anyways. Oliver sort of danced with the kids, Enzo went right in the middle of the dance floor and watched everyone, and Penelepe wanted so badly to dance, but was too scared to get close to anyone. She just danced in the back all by herself - oh she is cute! Rozannah made my birthday cake for me- isn't it cute!

Oliver had alot of fun at his primary activity the other week, but what boy wouldn't have fun kicking a pumpkin around (all these photos were suppose to be an October post - but I haven't had time to put them up - so better late than never).

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I believe I am the equivialent of BA-Humbug for Halloween. It is by far my least favorite holiday. My dislike for Halloween stems from my Dad I'm sure, as he says its a pagonistic holiday and it shouldn't be celebrated. Since I've had children my tolerance has grown for Halloween. I do like the dressing up and I love sugar, I just can't stand the gory blood and ghosts and the annoying little brats who stick out their bags and grunt. They can't even say Trick or Treat - what a lazy people we have become. And a Thank you - unheard of. With that being said we did have a fun Halloween. Our ward had a fun party in the middle of the week, which the kids loved. Rozannah and I did make some cupcakes for the party which turned out really cute and I even dressed up. I was suppose to be the Big Bad Wolf (the one who ate Grandma - since I'm big enough to look like I ate someone) but not too many people got my costume. I guess I wasn't scary enough or had big enough ears or teeth. Oliver wanted to be a dinosaur - but since I refuse to spend too much money on a holiday I don't even like, and I was too tired and lazy to make a dinosaur costume, he decided a Construction Worker was just as good. Penelepe was a cute little Butterfly, and cousin Enzo was a Mad Scientist.
We went trick-or-treating with our neighbor Stephen and it was cute to watch Penelepe try to keep up with the boys running from house to house. It was a gorgeous night (I was expecting it to snow and be super cold and I was ready to tell my kids to go to the end of the driveway and knock on our door - just as I did a couple of really snowy cold Halloweens growing up in Montana), but it was a perfect night to be out so I couldn't complain. One of the last houses we stopped at was an over the top decorated haunted house. It was covered in spider webs, ghosts and goblins, people with out heads, spiders, graves, a fog machine - you name it they had it. Why anyone would spend so much money on a silly holiday just to decorate their house is beyond me (but if it was decorated for Christmas that would be a completely different story). Anyways a scary goblin came out from the shadows with a weed whacker to scare us all. Way to go Dude you scared a 2 year old in a butterfly costume and tu-tu.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I LOVE This Song

Since being married I have hardly listened to any country music, with a few exceptions. One being my favorite Christmas CD ever that I HAVE to listen to every Christmas (with the exception of my mission). Its by Garth Brooks and I got it for Christmas in 1991, my first CD ever (that CD is older than three of my siblings). Other than that I rarely ever listen to country music, once you stop listening to it and you go back to it - it just sounds so depressing. Just my personal opinion and I'm sure I'm offending lots of people - sorry. Ryan can't stand country music, except for maybe a couple songs, so we just never listen to it.
So the other day (really other week - time goes by way too fast) we were driving somewhere flipping through the radio channels when a country song came on and Penelepe yelled in her most excited sweet voice, "I LOVE THIS SONG!" Both Ryan and Oliver groaned "oh no". Since then its been a battle over what song to listen to, with Oliver and Penelepe saying "you Always get to listen to what You want".

FAST Sunday

I reminded Ryan that tomorrow is Fast Sunday and Oliver overheard me. Before he went to bed he asked what time we were getting out of church tomorrow. I told him the usual time and he said "WHAT - you said it was FAST Sunday!" He sure felt cheated - I guess your suppose to get out of church Fast on Fast Sundays. Duh!