Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trip to St. George

After I returned home from St. George, I went to download all my pictures and something happened to my memory card and I lost all of my pictures from the trip! GRRRRRR. I love that Rozannah is just a block away. Thanks for the pictures!

This park was so much fun. Oliver and Penelepe would have loved it! Don't worry we'll go back.

This swing was my favorite.

Since Jesse and I are twins - we also weigh the same amount. (Ok that's not really true).

It is not a secret that Violette loves Baby, aka Solomon. She still can't say his name, but Solomon can say Violette's name - it's so cute.
Pictures that I lost - but don't want to forget:
1. Violette finally asleep at baggage claim in Vegas after staying awake the ENTIRE 5 hour flight. I learned my lesson and didn't give her any juice (aka crack for children) on the flight back.
2. The cousins skyping with Oliver and Penelepe back home.
3. The "boys" outside almost the entire time shooting with their bows or throwing knives at targets.
4. Girlfriend. Tavi's new puppy Pug that Violette absolutely feared. Bloody murder screams whenever the puppy even looked at her. On the last 2 days Violette was almost ok to be around Girlfriend.
5. Our Midnight Volleyball game. Ok I didn't get a picture of that - but that was too fun to forget as well.
6. Sparklers.
7. Falon's amazingly clean house, delicious HOME MADE BREAD, and HOME MADE CHOCOLATE TURTLES, all the while being the mom of baby twins and 2 other wonderful kids. Amazing! How do you do it?!
8. Last but not least, me crying because Blue Bunny went out of business (again) and I couldn't get a cotton candy ice cream cone.

All of us siblings there to celebrate with Rebekah and CR.

All of us except Lexi who is still playing in Australia. We missed you Lexi!

Is your mouth watering yet? Rozannah put a lot of work into this table, it was so worth it!

Everything was so cute and delicious.

Grandma Linda, Mia, Micha, Brooke, Tavi.

Trockel Boys.

If they have been married over a year are they still newlyweds? I love that they are always wearing matching outfits.Grandpa Lincoln and Grandma Barb.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, no party is complete with out Carrie.

I wanted to steal Max.


Love that hat. I think Ezra and Ashley need to go on a trip and drop him off for a couple of days.

Jesse, Tavi, and Mom.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Together Forever

What a fun week! The only thing missing to make it perfect was Ryan, Oliver and Penelepe still in New York.

I love this picture of the St. George Temple that Rozannah took. Want to learn more about the temple click here.

That belly is holding 2 babies, and I still think they should be named Jesse and Desmond. ")

What a cute family! (Great pictures Rozannah!)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Day of School

Penelepe loves Pre-K!

She comes home everyday with "pictures" like these, she has at least 5 or more a day. After several days of trying to get her to tell me what she was drawing - she finally explained those are notes! She is already writing notes to her friends.

Seriously she loves school!

Violette loves it when her sister comes home.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Last few weeks of summer

This girl LOVES to wear any shoe she can find.

He is so old he gets his own locker! School hasn't started yet, but he did meet his teacher and find his locker.

We spent Labor Day at Niagara Falls. We are right above the falls on Three Sisters Island. The three sister's were daughters of Parkhurst Whitney, and said to be the first white woman to visit the island. They crossed the river while it was iced over. Not all the gold in the world would have made me cross the ice, with Niagara Falls just a couple hundred yards away. Yes, I'm a whimp.

This is what you get when you have the cheapest wife in the world who doesn't buy a $7.99 automatic pencil sharpener. Oliver did about 20 and needed a "rest", which was probably true, then his genius Dad took over. Who needs an automatic sharpener now?
This video I'm sure will be boring for everyone, so don't watch - it's just to archive Violette's voice, even though she really is only screaming on this video. Since I said don't watch it, you probably will want to, but honestly it's boring. But I do love her voice, she has such a low almost smokeresque voice. It's so cute.