Friday, April 25, 2008

Learn From our Stupidity

Well the unthinkable happened and our laptop crashed. We knew that could possibly happen (but like that would really happen to US - especially before I copied everything) and yet it did. I was lazy and we didn't ever back up any of our photos. So they are all gone! I know I shouldn't dwell, but HARD lesson to learn! So learn from us so you don't lose all of your pictures!!! So needless to say my blog will definitely have a fresh start and no repeats of OLD pictures. Unfortunately

Pioneer Oliver

Oliver can now take your rope orders. He has been trained in the skill of making rope and will do custom orders. Family of course gets the 2.5% discount.

Who can guess where we are?

Where in the world are the Sowells? We have finally started our adventure and have landed in Tonawanda, New York. Why are we living in Tonawanda you may ask? Only because Tonawanda is so fun to say! TONAWANDA. Since we have chosen to live as far away as possible from our family and friends I thought it was time to join the TREND of Blogging. So lets Bloggety Blog away!!!