Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'm Four

 Happy Birthday Four Year Old!
 Oh she makes us laugh all the time! Violette's loves at the moment are headbands, necklaces, barbies, and Strawberry Shortcake. The only books she wants from the library are Strawberry Shortcake. I'm think we've read them all at least 3 times! She could spend hours playing with her dolls - she is so inventive! Then when she's done playing with her barbies she trys to carry around Sylvie her other favorite doll. 

 She has the best poses lately. She requested a butterfly cake with sprinkles.
 We still are trying to find friends for her, our neighborhood has no children that we have found yet. We did invite a family over for her birthday. At the moment her best friend is Sarah an 8 year old.
 The kids still love to play the flour and penny game.

 This is Oliver's favorite part.

Happy Birthday Violette Sowell we love you!

Happy Halloween

 This is Oliver's first pumpkin he did all by himself. He wanted to carve his and his parents are Scrooges' when it comes to Halloween so he had to do everything! Great job Oliver!
 The kids came up with their own costumes this year - since I'm the Halloween Scrooge.
 Violette keeps us laughing - I love her faces. Can you guess what she is?
 Yes a creepy Princess is right.

 Our cute snowball.
 Then she changed her mind on her costume, like her older sisters did several times, and was the Pope.

Violette's 2 Wheeler

 We really missed Chris Trockel when Violette was learning how to ride. Ryan spent about a hour or so helping her one day, and then the next day it was my turn. After 3 pushes I wondered how on earth Ryan could bend down and push and not hurt his back. It was so scary to let go - but she did it!
 She loves it!!!! She spends hours just going around in circles.
Sylvie Rue also is just so stinking cute!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Iowa Fields of Opportunities

Well our family has made another major move and we have landed in Iowa. Why? Well there are fields of oppotunities here, or so we've read. Ryan moved out the end of August and the kids and I followed in October. Packing up was as good as it gets being a single mom with four kids, one being only 4 months old, but with the help of family, Carrie, and our new friend Melanie we did it! Thanks for all your help!!! Right below the Iowa sign is our library (which is AmaZing! and Ryan works in the tall old building behind it that at one time was a hospital).
We live in Burlington and it really is a cute little town. We are only about 30 minutes or so from Nauvoo - SO - if anyone has been wanting to visit Nauvoo and needs a place to stay PLEASE come and stay with us we would love visitors!
 Everytime Violette sees the river she says, "There's the mighty Mississip!"


It has been a fun change, but it was so nice being close to family and friends in the west. We sure miss everyone!!! and since I'm being honest I miss our yard and all the fruit trees!

Mueller Park Family Pictures

 Aunt Lindsay was so nice and took our family pictures this year. They turned out so cute!

Thanks Aunt Lindsay! We miss you!

Ward Luau

 We had a fun Ward Luau in September and all the girls in the ward did a dance to Pearly Shells.
 Penelepe and Violette loved it. As you can see Violette is about one step behind everyone. It was so cute! I wish I would have recorded it! I wasn't thinking.