Sunday, January 25, 2009


Who can resist chubby cheeks? Well Violette has decided to follow Oliver's chunky growing route as opposed to Penlepele's skin and bones route. She just had her 2 month check up and weighs 12 1/2 pounds, which really isn't that much, but she sure has some nice cheeks and chins. Her favorite time is right before her diaper is changed, that's when she talks and smiles the most, and I actually don't mind changing her diapers. I'm sure that will change once real food is introduced.
I love these socks - I think they are so stinking cute!
As for the rest of us - I am sure we will be getting cheeks as big as Violette's because the main event around here is eating! What else is there to do when its 10 degrees outside? We've got to stay warm somehow - we are just giving ourselves more insulation. Needless to say we are homesick for Sunny St. George. We watched High School Musical 2 the other day and I wanted to cry!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Penelepe!

Happy Birthday Penelepe!!!!! She had a great day with a few of her friends. You know its a good party when kids are crying because they don't want to go home, and the birthday girl is crying because she doesn't want them to leave. Penelepe went to the store with her Grandma DeEtte, while she was visiting, and picked out her Princess party supplies. The girls made Princess necklaces and tiaras, and played Princess Bingo and Musical pillows. Only girls were allowed, except for cousin Enzo.

Penelepe requested Tuna Fish for lunch, and for those who may not appreciate tuna, there was also PB&Js.

All week Penelepe sang "Happy Birthday to You"
What a beautiful Princess Cake - made of course by Aunt Rozannah.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Merry Christmsa and Happy New Year!

We had a quiet Christmas with just our little family which was nice. Oliver was super excited for Santa this year. He was the first one up and ran downstairs. A minute later he came running up and said Mom, Santa brought me Bubble Gum! I think next year Santa will probably bring him several different flavors of Bubble Gum and call that good. Even though you can't see it - Oliver's hat has 2009 glittered on it.

A couple days later we had visitors. Can you guess from Penelepe's toes who one of those visitors were? If you guessed Grandma DeEtte you are correct. We had a lot of fun With Grandma Ette (as Penelepe says) and "Our Chris" as Oliver says - to differentiate from Rozannah's Chris.

I love Penelepe's smiles! She is so fun! We love the monkey hair clips - thanks Aunt Lindsay!

This about sums up what Oliver did over his Christmas Vacation. Either watching Chris play his games or playing them or playing on the computer. Oliver doesn't know it yet but his New Year's Resolutions is less time with electronics more time with books and playing some sort of sport. Its just hard when its FREEZING cold and windy - I can come up with excuses and justifications for anything.

Penelepe had so much fun with her Grandma DeEtte - we also LOVE the monkey skirt- Thanks again Aunt Lindsay.

Ryan also had lots of fun with his Mom and brother. As he says he loves it when people visit, because I actually cook when people are with us.

Visiting the Joseph Smith home.

This is how Oliver walked around the Sacred Grove. It looks like Chris may have had enough - but not Oliver!

As for Violette and I, we had some nice quiet warm one on one time while they were out freezing having fun.

Where did the past month go?

As if the month of December isn't crazy enough and having our new baby wasn't exciting enough for us - we also moved in the middle of December. Seriously what were we thinking! First of all we have to say a GINORMOUS THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! to Rozannah, Chris, and Lorenzo for allowing us to disturb their peace for as long as we need! We are very thankful and luckily we made it out before Penelepe or Lorenzo killed each other. And since I'm saying Thank you - we'd also like to say a big Thank You to my Mom for taking care of us after Violette was born - we really appreciated it. Anyways it took us a while but we finally found a CLEAN home to live in. The few places we looked at were seriously disgusting, so we waited until a family in our ward moved out to rent this nice cozy CLEAN duplex. I have to admit I was a little worried it would be too small because two of the three bedrooms don't have closets - so I don't know if you can really consider those bedrooms - but we have a huge basement. Now I have the largest walk-in-closet a girl could ask for. I don't know if I can ever go back to a normal closet again. Anyways we love it and its only a block away from Rozannah.
So needless to say this past month flew by - which I'm a little upset about because Violette is now over 6 weeks old. Why can't the first few months last longer! One day while unpacking (which was so hard because I couldn't lift anything from the c-section - Ryan had the kids spying on me to make sure I didn't lift anything - but honestly I have such an great husband - I was getting annoyed at Myself for constantly saying Honey could you......-but he didn't care at all and did everything I asked without complaining- anyways during one of those long unpacking days Penelepe was being way too quiet and I walked into the room and found her sound asleep next to Violette - almost smothering her. It was adorable - and if I let Penelepe she would be that close to Violette all day long.
(Sorry for the horrific run on sentences)