Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter fun - indoors

With the cold winter Penelepe has loved going to the Y.

She smiles the entire time during her hip hop class!

Lorenzo on the other hand doesn't love it as much. (I love this picture of him)

She also loves her swim lessons. Hopefully by this summer she'll be ready to go.

I have loved this swim cap! It has been in the single digits after her lessons, it's been so nice to walk outside with dry hair!

Happy Valentines

Penelepe said she loved the cupcakes, especially the moustache ones. So I guess my lovebirds looked more like blue staches.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

For the Love of Art

Is it hard for anyone else to throw away their kids artwork? Our fridge was way too crowded so we created our mini art galleria. Now our art galleria is too crowded......I'll periodically take pictures of the new exhibits and throw away the old ones. Yes, throw away the old when the kids are at school. Oliver we can't keep all of them. If Oliver knows I've thrown them away he digs them out of the garbage and saves them. We might have a bit of a hording problem in our house.

2 down 3 to go

We have lived on one of the best streets in the Buffalo area and have made a lot of friends on our block. There have been 5 of us on our block who have been student families that go to the same church. The second family from our 5 moved this week, and my kids are super sad. We have loved the "kid swaps" and we'll miss the Steenbliks! Penelepe learned her love of make up from Annie.

(Sorry my pictures have been blurry lately.)
The boys were too busy for pictures.

I'm not sure who did Annie's make up, if it was Penelepe or Annie, but everyone better take a good look - that's the new style! Love it!