Sunday, April 17, 2011

Never fully dressed without a smile

Ok who doesn't love a good before and after shot. I love them! I'm addicted to several before and after blogs - so fun to get ideas. Ryan told me I HAD to post a before picture. Please don't get too scared. Ryan took this picture a couple days before I got my braces on. It just shows what a GENIUS Dr. Dave Majeroni is! Seriously - he is amazing!!! Can you believe what he did and in such a short time! I can't believe it! Needless to say I LOVE my new smile!!!

This is such a horrible picture! Only for the love of a before and after am I doing this.

All in a days work

So I made 51 one of these bad boys. I must admit I was disappointed when all was said and done. The holder for the bases were larger than the dimensions we were given so they swallowed the base of the centerpieces. Oh well everyone else loved them...

Crazy V

I love this picture of Violette. It captures what she does all day long! Even though Violette isn't old enough for Penelepe's dance class, her teacher didn't mind. Favorite hide-n-seek spot. After my orthodontic appointments Penelepe would be excited to see what new color was on my braces. Violette would follow after her and check. Now that my braces are off Violette opens my mouth almost daily and says, "Red, purple, pink?"