Sunday, October 31, 2010


My favorite part of Halloween is the food!

The kids were completely grossed out when I told them we were having intestines for dinner. Well....they were completely grossed out when I told them what intestines were and what was in them. They couldn't believe I was feeding them body parts.

Our church party was fun as always! I wish I would have taken more pictures of everyone. I might have to steal some pictures from blogs and post them on mine. That's legal right? Just in case you're not sure who we are - we are Mary Poppins and clan. I asked Penelepe what she wanted to be for Halloween at her school and she said Jane. I told her everyone wouldn't know who she was without the rest of us, and she didn't care. She later told me her teacher knew who she was and she DID NOT have to tell her. Pretty amazing teacher.

Mrs. Banks, she was my favorite.

Someone had the Brilliant idea of making Goliath and then using a sling shot to shoot marshmallows at him (thanks sugardoodle). Did you know it is illegal to buy a sling shot in the State of New York. hmmmm - really annoying. Ok, not all sling shots are illegal, but they don't sell any in New York, at least not in Buffalo. We did use a legal style made from a wire hanger.

At Halloween I think all kids wish Rozannah was their mother. Lorenzo and Solomon were so cute.

All homemade, including her blue fairy costume.

My handsome "sweeper".

Trick or Treat

Is there anything more adorable than little kids holding hands?
Yes, we went to the mall to trick or treat. The kids loved it, of course.

The scary mask is Steven, he did take it off for most of the time - it was way too scary.

Avery wouldn't even sit down because he was so scary. Sorry Avery.


I walked into the kitchen just in time to stop the flood. She is such a helper.

October was a blur! One major highlight was a visit from Momma Lee. If you are wondering what we did.... we ate and ate some more. Thanks Kristin for posting this amazing salad recipe on your blog. I could eat it every other day. Everyone MUST TRY it, so if you don't know what's for dinner tonight you Have to Make this! Don't forget to roast the cashews, that's my favorite part. also I leave out the hot peppers because I'm a whimp and no cilantro because one day I know my husband will all of a sudden realize that this is the best salad ever and we can live happily ever after.

Our fall harvest of carrots. Our little pool garden shocked me with how well it did. I was so disappointed with our tomatoes, some horrible rat got all of them, at least I think it was a rat, maybe a bunny, I prefer to think it was the rat, because obviously bunnies are way cuter.

Nothing warms my heart more than Oliver reading a book to Penelepe, by his own free will.

I also love how they all have to sit on this chair to watch a show, when four inches a way is a larger more comfortable chair.

No this isn't Halloween. I love her Peanut Butter Stache.