Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oliver's first days of College?!

Oliver took 4 classes at the college this summer for an enrichment program and really enjoyed it.
 He built a rocket and his parachute was the first one of the day to actually work.

 Sylvie Rue was way too cool for school so we didn't get to see much of his Dream Home class.
 He also had Flight and Aviator class and Alternative Energy.
 His solar energy car was the fastest out of the class - he had to jog to keep up!
 Sylvie was there to cheer him on!


4th of July

 Penelepe said this is her new favorite holiday, because we get to eat with friends.  We had a Flag Ceremony at the church early in the morning, which Oliver participated in, and then a delicious pancake breakfast followed. Afterwards the kids played games and loved every minute of it.

 They had a Popsicle walk and the kids each got about 10 Popsicles! Violette would have walked all day and waited for her number if she could.

The kids decorated their bike for the parade, which Violette knew really meant "RACE" not parade.
We enjoyed the "short" fireworks, I guess next year we should show up on time instead of 15 minutes late. oops That weekend we also enjoyed the Band concert at the band shell in Crapo Park that had fireworks during the finale. So much fun! We were way too close for the fireworks, we thought they were going to be set off in the river.... but they were right by where we were sitting. Ryan took Sylvie for a walk for the end of the concert and was within feet of where they set them off.  I thought Sylvie for sure was going to be scared with how LOUD and CLOSE they were but she Loved them and FIST PuMPED to the music and fireworks. 

This stroller was just right!

Sylvie will take the stroller to Violette and have her push her and then when she's done with that she gives her babies a ride.

Vocal Point

 We love Nauvoo! We had a fun evening in June watching Vocal Point. The kids favorite was the Elmo song.

It seriously was the PERFECT evening! The bugs (mainly gnats) have been out of control here in Iowa this spring - seriously HOrrible! Fly up your nose in your ears and your eyes horrible. We felt like we couldn't even go outside they were that bad!, but in Nauvoo it was perfect. We got out of the van sprayed everyone down with bug spray and didn't even need it. And the weather and sunset was amazing! Every time we go I don't want to leave!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sylvie's Headphones

 Is this One Direction?
Yes I love them!

Father's Day

 I'm sure it won't be long until Sylvie Rue has learned how to pose for pictures from her sisters. For Father's Day we all had a nice relaxing day and enjoyed the art festival at Snake Alley. And what says I love you Dad better than a reciprocating saw and chocolate chip cookies?