Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bainter Invasion

We LOVE it when FAMILY visits. Aunt Rebekah and cousin Piper and Apollo flew over for a visit and we had a super fabulous time. We missed CR (especially Oliver), but hopefully he can come next time!

Piper, Oliver, Violette, Penelepe, Apollo, and Lorenzo

Rebekah and Apollo

Look at these two giggling girls. They had so much fun together. They played like real sisters - loving each other one minute and fighting the next and then loving each other again. The fighting usually was over who could name their animal "Sleeping Beauty". My favorite conversation from the girls was:
Penelepe: Piper be careful on the stairs. They are scary.
Piper: I am big!
Penelepe: Well I have a big head!


Lorenzo is too cool for school!

Violette also had fun with her cousins too!

Apollo you are too stinking cute!

Happy Valentines! I think these kids have a future with Ace of Cakes.

I'm not sure who won the contest of who could put the most frosting on their cookies? Piper or....

Penelepe? It's a close one.

Oh no the frosting was poisoned!

CR was so sweet and sent Rebekah a dozen roses. They were beautiful and I honestly was shocked how long they lasted. Thanks CR - we love you too!

Story time.

Trampolines are soooooo overrated.
Well needless to say we already miss our cousins. Penelepe has begged almost every hour since they have left to go to St. George so she can see Piper and her animals. We've told Penelepe maybe this summer when its warmer we can go, and then she automatically replies, "it is warmer out!"

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So much for our quarantine

Well I really tried to keep us away from all the germs and we really haven't gone out much or socialized since Violette joined our family. It seems like the harder I tried the worse we got. First Ryan got a terrible respiratory infection. Then Oliver got walking pneumonia, and since Penelepe has to do everything Oliver does she also got walking pneumonia. I thought Violette and I would luck out, but Violette now has RSV. Anybody want to come to our house?
Oliver missed a week of school. Mrs. Meacham emailed Oliver a nice card.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Family Pictures

Why are family pictures the most impossible event to come to pass? Either the children are complaining and don't (or won't) do them or the husbands won't. (Or if you would ask Ryan he would say that all of a sudden I decide we are going to take family pictures and it is going to be right that minute.) At least thats how it is in our family. Anyways Rozannah took these a week or so before Violette was born. Thanks for enduring us Rozannah!
And we can't forget about Violette.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ha ha ha so funny

So for my birthday, several months ago, Ryan got us tickets to see Jim Gaffigan. Just thinking about it makes me laugh! It was so fun and Ryan and I both were crying in several parts of the show. I'm sure Violette loved that we went because my stomach jiggled the entire time - I felt like Santa. Why am I now writing a post about it? I don't know it was just too funny to not mention it. I tried to find our favorite sections of the show on youtube, but they weren't there. I loved it when he talked about children and their reaction when someone mentions ice cream - what he said was exactly what Oliver does. I can't tell you what he said because it won't be funny when I say it (0r write it). Ryan loved it when he talked about bacon - it was great! The entire show was great! So if he's ever in your area - it's a must see!!! I put a link below to another one of my favorite parts of the show for your enjoyment. And yes I LOVE cinnabons and cake and food! Another one to watch, if you're bored or need a laugh (Laughter is the Best Medicine you know), is the Hot Pocket clip on youtube. Enjoy!