Sunday, June 29, 2008


We have several very exciting changes in our family to announce. First and probably most exciting is.......if you haven't guessed by the we are having another addition to the family. And if you couldn't tell by the pink print it is a girl! Penelepe is very excited! Oliver when I first told him asked me if I could change it to a baby brother instead. I told him he would have to ask Heavenly Father about that, because I have to no say in the matter. When I told Ryan, he asked if they (the doctors) were sure. I think they both thought for sure it was a boy. Both are now fine with the idea of the girls outnumbering the boys. I am due around the end of November beginning of December. My doctor changed the date from Dec. 6th to Nov. 30th. I'll plan on the 7th of Dec. and if she comes a week early - that will be a nice surprise.
Our other exciting news is that Penelepe is potty trained!!!!!!!! Oh how I love that day when they finally decide to be potty trained!!!!!!!! She has done pretty well. She watched Elmo's potty time and I wasn't planning on her really being potty trained then, but after she watched it for a week (THANK YOU LIBRARY) she decided she was ready. Unfortunately since the diaper has come off a lot of her pants do not fit. She can be a pretty good plumber. And if you look close enough her pants are on backwards. She insists on puttin her clothes on with no help. She does like to sit on the toilet and sing a lot! I love it. We tried to get it on video - hopefully in the future. One of her favorite songs is "Twinkle twinkle I am a child of God". Its a great remix of the two songs!

So how's the weather over there?

Buffalo has the craziest lighting and thunder storms here! They are seriously intense, if I can use the word intense with out sounding too nerdy. The other night I almost fell out of bed, the thunder was so loud and so close! Anyways its pretty exciting to watch and yes scary too.
The other day we had a hail storm, and I think its the biggest hail I have seen. The hail was definitely blog worthy. Not quite the size of a golf ball - but pretty close.

Before and After

I love Oliver's hair long. It is always so hard for me to cut it. But his Dad got a hair cut and then Uncle Chris got a hair cut so Oliver insisted on getting a hair cut too. And it had to be short, like his Dad's and Uncle Chris.


When Ryan and Oliver go out on the town and they are gone a long time, its safe to say that when they get home they will be in trouble! The other day (actually the other month) they went out for something small like bread or something and came home several hours later with a new bike for Oliver. He loves it, and Penelepe inherited his old one. Love those hand-me-downs!

Sacred Grove & Hill Cumorah

Ryan and I have one real tradition in our family, that we have kept since we got married, and that is to have the lamest anniversaries possible. We don't really plan on them being so lame, but they end up being pretty bad. But this year we both were surprised at how fun our anniversary was. It wasn't the most romantic anniversary ever, but it was good quality family fun. We had the privilege of going to the Sacred Grove. I have always wanted to visit it, and it took us moving to New York for me to be able to go. I imagined walking up to a row of trees, I didn't know that we would be able to walk around in the grove. We let Oliver choose the trails in the grove, so we did several circles. We also went to the Hill Cumorah monument. It was the perfect time to visit, the lilacs were in bloom everywhere!

First Day of School!! First Day of School!!!

I have seen Finding Nemo way too many times, because when I hear "First day of school" I hear Nemo's voice. Anyways Ryan will be mad that I posted this, but I thought it was important! After all that is why we moved across country! I don't know if Ryan was as excited as Nemo was for his first day, but pretty close.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls are so close to us we had to take a little day trip up to see them. They truly are amazing! I couldn't believe the amount of water. The pictures do not do them justice. I am such a paranoid mother, I kept imaganing some freak of nature happening, like an earthquake, and being way too close. Dumb I know, but I was nervous the entire time. Next time we go, the stroller will be with us. I didn't realize how much walking we would be doing, and the kids got tired. I'm still new at blogging and need to learn how to do captions below the pictures. But the picture of Penelepe sitting by a tree I love. She was so tired and just wanted to sit down and would not get up. While she was doing that Oliver latched himself to a pole in protest of walking so much and so fast. We were in a hurry though to get back and feed the missionaries (which if you can believe - there are 10 missionaries in our ward!) Next trip we will plan more time and a stroller. Live and Learn!

Happy 5th Birthday Oliver

So these are super late posts and pics, but better late than never. We had a little fiesta for Oliver's 5th birthday. Since we had just moved to New York he didn't know too many kids yet, but he still had fun with his family. Aunt Rozannah made the cute cake, I would like to take credit for it, but she did make it. I made the most wonderful super fantastic awesome pinata. I knew I wanted to have a pinata for his party, but had a late start on making it. It looked so ugly I had to put a brown bag over it and beg Ryan to fix it and make it look fun. If you can't see in the pictures it is a transformer. Bumble Bee on one side and Optimus Prime on the other. Uncle Chris was the entertainment. Who needs a jump house or anything like that when Chris is around. He gave rides on Lorenzo's truck. Happy Birthday Oliver!!! I really want to say Feliz Cumpleanos, but Oliver doesn't like Spanish - he refuses to learn it. He says he is too shy to say it. Lame excuse. I obviously waited too long to try to teach him. I do have to admit one of my favorite pictures of Oliver's birthday is of Penelepe, I hope thats not bad, but her expression just kills me. Treats!!!! She definitely got my love for treats.