Sunday, May 31, 2009

The other day Penelepe told me Violette was thirsty, so she gave her a drink. I found Violette drenched. Penelepe is always helping.

Ryan gave Penelepe her breakfast this morning. Do you think her "bowl" was big enough? I guess someone didn't do the dishes last night.
Happy Anniversary Mi Amor. Seriously seven years already! Time flies when your having fun!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

First Meal! Of course she couldn't get enough and wouldn't let go of the bowl or my hand.

Cinderella, Cinderella

Penelepe loves to help, hopefully when she is older she will still want to help!

Violette is such a chunk! We love it! Her legs squeeze nicely into her chair!

Lunch date with Daddy

Oliver is the best big brother

She is such a happy baby too! Hopefully her tear duct clears up soon!

Her favorite brother and her favorite toy - Lamby. I pretend it is her favorite toy since I made it for her, but she does love sucking on its ears.
Oliver thinks his beard is as good as his Dads.
We Love Strawberries - Ryan makes the best Milkshakes!

Her bouncer has been retired since it almost hits the floor, and we found her trying to escape half way off.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A regular night at the Sowells

Happy Mother's Day Moms! There is always a party at the Sowell house.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oliver's Week

Happy 6th Birthday Oliver! Oliver and Cannon had a joint birthday party with their friends from class and the neighborhood.
Cannon's Dad made a cute pin the pants on Sponge Bob.

And of course Oliver wouldn't think it was a birthday without a Pinata! The pinata was suppose to be a homemade Stegosaurus, but as you can see it ended up being a triple lunch sack pinata. I finally realized that kids could careless if it was a nice dinosaur pinata or a bag, as long as they get to smash something and candy falls out, so why spend time I didn't have making a nice one. We made three pinatas, all decorated by Oliver, and the kids loved it!

Oliver's "snack" for his Kindergarten class. I'm sure his teacher hated me -there was way too much frosting.

Cupcakes for the joint birthday party. ... . . ...

And Birthday Dino Cake by Aunt Rozannah! It has been a good week!

Oliver received this camera for his birthday - we'll see if we can post some of his photos later.
Oliver also received some cash for his birthday. I told him he should really think about what he would like to get with it, so he doesn't waste it. He thought for a moment, and then he said, "Well with some of it I'll get Dad a curved knife", we still have no idea where that came from - then he said, "and Mom you like flowers - I'll get you some fresh flowers." Ohhh he can be so sweet when he wants!

Oliver had a soccer game on his Birthday, and he really wanted to play goalie. He did a great job! As you can see from the score (his team was Home) no one scored on him. He asked me after the game if I got a picture of the scoreboard! He was so happy because not only did no one score on the other team, but this is the first game they have won, and it all happened on his Birthday!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pretty in pink

Can we seriously wear flip-flops now? Lets hope the weather stays somewhat nice. And I must admit, I am proud of myself for not writing a post about the LONG winter. After all this is a family friendly blog and I didn't think anyone would appreciate the swearing!