Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Start to Oliver's Birthday Celebrations

These planes will be flying their way into Oliver's classroom for his birthday. They were super fun and easy to make. Nothings better than an easy project for the kids to do that is fun, but also looks cute. Thanks for the idea Mom (and Simon).

Can you see Violette sneaking one out for a test flight? They fly great, but she thought the wings were HOT.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love her and Hate her

So everyone knows I love my sister Rozannah, but sometimes I hate her too. And when I say hate, I mean it in the nicest most jealous way possible. She is so creative! It drives me crazy - I love everything she makes. Anyways she has a new Etsy site and the ruffled watches are, needless to say, adorable! The pictures do not do them justice. So if you need an idea for Mother's Day look no longer. Check out her Etsy site here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Nap time

We went to the park and played for several hours. When we came home Violette walked inside and whined for about 10 seconds and I turned around and found this.
Rozannah's Birthday Cake - mmmm lemons. I will only make this again if I have a crepe maker, it took forever!

The chef.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Warmer than St. George? What??

The weather this past weekend was UNbeLIeVaBLE!!! Growing up we had the rule that it had to be over 75 to go swimming. Last year we started that rule here in Buffalo. The kids begged all weekend to go swimming - it was Over 75 for several days!!! Seriously perfect! We loved every minute of it!

The kids had fun coloring eggs when their Mom FINALLY let them dye them. We didn't get them decorated until after Easter.

Conference Tradition

Conference was about to start and I could hear Oliver outside asking his neighbor friends if they wanted to watch conference. They came in (and tried to sneak upstairs) and then sat down and watched conference for almost all of the first session. I'm sure the treats were the major incentive to stay, but they had to listen to get one. My kids get so excited for conference - hopefully they will continue to always be excited for it.

Egg Hunt

Can you see how excited Violette was to be there?

She didn't know there was candy in the eggs.

Penelepe knew exactly what to do and her mean mother made her hide some of her eggs for the other kids (she really didn't mind).

I was so busy with Penelepe helping her hide her extra eggs that Violette only found 2. Don't feel sorry for her - she went to all the other children's baskets and stole their eggs once she realized what was inside.

Happy little thief!

Violette's April Fools

I went into the bathroom and found this on April 1st. I froze and said Violette! Then I saw she had her diaper on and I could smell a nice fragrance as opposed to the opposite, and realized it was my conditioner. Way to go Violette! Great joke - can you imagine what she will do when she is a teenager?

I made these yummy strawberry cupcakes. Violette was so mad when she found out the frosting was really mashed potatoes. So mad she spit them out. (That's what you get for tricking your mother!)

Oliver borrowed these Rollerblades from his friend Cannon down the street and wore them every second he could. Hmmm maybe for his birthday he will get his own pair.

Oliver has the two best cheerleaders around!

Mountain Goat

For a couple of weeks we kept the chairs up, but too much of this was constantly going on. So they are back laying down on the floor again. The other day she had pillows stacked up on each other. She is unstoppable.