Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Drive and a Surprise

The drive from Buffalo to St. George went by surprisingly fast. We left NY at 7 pm on Friday and drove in to St. George on Monday afternoon. Thanks to 8 Redbox movies the kids did great . How about our MacGyver Dvd player. The kids had their own personal theatre.

Violette was constantly pulling out the cords,but if we threatened with no swimming at Momma and Papa Lees she would stop - usually.

The pool is as amazing as the kids remembered.

Penelepe talked about the slide the entire drive.

Now for the surprise. You know how you have things planned in life... such as, I will have my children spaced 2 years about and I will have a dozen. Really, before I was married I wanted a dozen. That quickly changed after I got married and the reality set in, but I still planned on having my kids 2 years apart. Well things happened and my kids aren't 2 years apart, and at first I was disappointed but in the end it has worked out for the best for us. Well the job we had planned on Ryan having here in St. George, and the reason we moved out here, fell through a couple days after we got here. But just as my kids aren't spaced 2 years apart it will all work out in the end.

The Final Days of Buffalo

Our cute little duplex in Tonawanda.

Penelepe's Pre-K class. We loved the KenTon school district. Penelepe and Oliver had excellent teachers this year, Mrs. Krasinski and Miss LoTempio.

Whoever sent us this card - Thank you!!! - it meant so much to our family!!!

Packing up for St. George was torturous.

I'm sad a didn't get more pictures of everyone!

Lorenzo and Avery's birthday party was a hit - Literally. Their favorite game was dodge ball on the tramp. Ezra and Chris were on each side of the tramp kicking the ball at the kids - and of course the kids loved it.

The cake and everything was super cute, as usual. Leaving Rozannah and family was the hardest - I still tear up thinking about them. We miss you! Violette has asked for Solo and Baby Sister several times.

Every year for Oliver's birthday we have a pinata, well this year we ran out of time at his party. A couple of days before we left we tried to round up the neighborhood kids to play baseball pinata, but only a few could play.

Leaving Buffalo was a lot harder than I thought it would be. We loved our time there and everyone we met. We will miss how everything is so green and beautiful and green, during the summer.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Violette's first....

We all had scheduled cleanings, except for Violette because I thought she was too little. Violette kept saying my turn - so she got her turn. She was a fantastic patient, Grandma Joni and Carrie would have been very pleased with her. Lynn, the dental hygienist, asked me if I wanted to take a picture and I told her I didn't have a camera - so she took one with her phone and sent it to me. I thought that was so nice of her! So if anyone is looking for a dentist in the Buffalo area (that is if you don't want to go to the many talented dentists at UB) Dr. Maggio and his staff are excellent.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Palmyra Primary Activity

Our Buffalo Ward had an amazing Primary Activity in Palmyra this weekend and the kids loved it!

This is where the first copies of the Book of Mormon were published.

After the activity we visited the Sacred Grove and church history sites for the last time.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day Camp........Finally!

For the past year and a half every time a scouting activity was announced for all boys ages 8 to 11 Oliver would without fail say, "Ah I want to go. Why can't I go?". Finally he can go! They had day camp this Saturday and he loved it.