Sunday, September 27, 2009

P & P

We miss this girl so much. Penelepe has cried several times for Piper, and she just doesn't understand that Piper is too far away to visit.

We also miss the wiggle bikes.

Piper teaching Penelepe moves to "Thriller"

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Vacation Part II - St. George

I know in a couple months we will look back on these pictures and want to cry. We had so much fun in the sun and water staying at Momma Lee's and Papa Lee's.

We swam a lot

had some operations, and.....

played Rebekah's Wii. Oliver's favorite game might have been American Idol. He would just hum for hours (yes it was hours - we were on vacation and he was waiting for Simon to get home from school!)
This chair was Just Right.

We also saw Grandpa Don and Grandma Joni! We miss them!

Violette meeting Grandpa Don for the first time!

Apollo even loves Carrie, not just anyone can hold him.

Water fun in downtown St. George.

This is Lexi's mode of transportation. This was such a growing moment for me as a mother to allow my son a ride just around the block!
Flying back from Vegas. We were only able to see a couple of friends while in St. George - next time hopefully we can see more! We did love seeing our old vecinos and their darling twin babies!!!
Needless to say we did NOT want to return home, but at least these were waiting for us to make our return home not so sad.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just the Ten of Us - Plus a Whole Lot More

Since all ten of us siblings were together we Had to take family pictures. Who knows when we will all be together again - hopefully not too long.
Top:Rozannah, Deseree', Octavia, Lexi,
Middle row: Jesse, Mom, Rebekah, Dad, Ezra
Bottom row: Mariel, Sayde, and Simon

The Boys

The Girls

Three youngest girls.

Twins - and as you can see for yourself we are not identical. I love that question - it makes me smile everytime.

Three Oldest Girls

Jesse, Brooke, Jacob, Luke, Mia and Baby Micha - who was born four days later (ok really how many days later was he born? I can't remember)

Our most happy family. It started out being a photo shoot just for the siblings, but then somehow we decided to do families - as you can see - most of the children really didn't want to be there.
Ezra and Ashley

Rozannah and Soloman. Sorry Chris and Lorenzo we missed you.

Rebekah, Piper, and Apollo. We also missed CR - it has been way too long since we've seen him. You need to come visit!

Rob, Tavi, and Malaki

All the Grand Girls

Simon you are so funny.

I heart this picture of Mia!

And Apollo!!!

Someone else decided to join our family.

Are we done yet???????

Thanks Mom and Dad for having so many fun children. We love you.