Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

 Several years ago I heard a mom singing the Christmas song, "It's the most wonderful time of the year" for the first day of school, and I thought oh I won't ever think that! This year I sang it out loud! Several times. Oliver and Penelepe were ready and so was I. They were counting the days down. As I was tucking Penelepe in bed the night before school started she asked me if I could buy her a timer so she would know when to wake up. She didn't need a "timer" she was up at 6 the next morning.

Penelepe has loved the last week at school and has found a good friend. She told me they have so much in "comment".

Penelepe's Haircut

 She got a real haircut, not by herself, but a professional. She was going to donate it, but the professional didn't understand me when I said we wanted to cut 10 inches off and she only cut 7. Penelepe said she was tired of sitting on her hair all the time and honestly it took forever to brush out. I meant to take after pictures..... but didn't.


 The kids loved swimming at Grandma De Ette's and Grandpa Rich's house. They could have spent everyday there, but it's hard to get out with a new baby all the time.
 We have loved our yard, it still needs so much love, but the days were so hot this summer and again I'll use the excuse of a newborn.

 We spent 2 weeks in St. George and I only have 1 picture. Where was Aunt Lindsay? Most of my pictures have been from her this year! Sylvie Rue was hanging out with the "Minnies". Fallon, or you might know her as wonder woman, second set of twins were born a couple days after Sylvie. So fun to see her and their fam in St. George.

Pioneer Day


 It was fun being back in Utah for the 24th of July Parade. Thanks Lindsay for all the pictures!

 The 2000 Stripling Warriors

4th of July

We spent a week up in Coeur d' Alene with the Sowells and the Reids. It has been way to long since all of the Sowell siblings have been together. We had so much fun - we could have stayed all summer! Dance party with glow sticks - not just the kids had fun.
Violette kept yelling faster and giving the thumbs up sign. Uncle Eric did manage to dump Oliver, which was the highlight of his week!

 Eric was our gracious tour guide.

 After the trip I asked Violette what her favorite part was and she said Kenzie.

 All the Sowell siblings and children.
 All of us.

 Scott's family - wish we could see more of them. Our kids loved playing with their cousins!
Since Rue I have been horrible with pictures! So for more pics of our super fun week check out Aunt Lindsay's blog.

Sylvie's other mother

 Penelepe has been such a greater little mother. For the first few months she held her as much as possible.

Violette's Haircut

 She used my nice long sewing scissors to cut her hair. I cried. She then started crying telling me she didn't want long Rapunzel hair - not hair like Penelepe. Since the haircut she refuses to let me brush her hair. She looks like a homeless child most of the time.

Fun Weekend with Family

With family in town we had a super fun weekend. I'm super behind on posts - this happened in June.


 When Violette saw this picture of Mariel she said, "Oh I like her!"

Sylvie Rue's Blessing Day