Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just the beginning

Violette's first cooking experience. No where to go but up from here. She's starting out just like her Mom did, burning everything. (And no I didn't know she was making this until I smelled somthing burning- please don't tell on me.) She started gagging on her bite and ran to the garbage to spit it out. The sad thing is - just the other day I made something that was as horrible as her toast and I told the kids they didn't have to eat it. Always room for improvement.

How do you know when You have strep throat?

The other week Penelepe was complaining of a sore throat. Oliver then told Penelepe strep throat feels like a metal ball, a brick, a wooden (I can't remember what was wooden), and a wheel all exploding in your throat. So the next time you feel like that - you probably have strep. Unfortunately, both Penelepe and Violette must have had that feeling the following day.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I can't believe how fast this girl is growing. The other day she said her tooth was loose and I got mad saying no way not yet! Then a couple days later I noticed her 2 adult teeth were already through her gums behind her baby teeth!

She was so scared to lose that first tooth, but now she is proud as proud can be - feeling all grown up.

I love her outfits! Matching is so overrated!

Let's be honest

Sometimes life is hard. We had the worst week last week. Just for an example of how our week went; as I was bending over to help Violette finish up her business in the public restroom my phone flew out of my purse and plopped perfectly into the toilet filled with pee. uhh seriously! (Now I can laugh about it - you should have seen how fast my hand plunged into the pee, 3 second rule). But as I was having that horrible week Elder Wirthlin's voice kept coming to my mind and him saying, "Come what may and love it". I did not want to love what was happening and thought honestly how I am expected to love this. So I had to reread the article and fell in love with it again. One of my favorite conference talks of all time. He counsels us to learn to laugh, seek for the eternal, and understand the principle of compensation. Life is hard but it's how we react to things that matters. Life can be sad and disappointing, but we can still love and be happy.