Sunday, March 25, 2012

Octavia + Steve March 8, 2012

Tavi and Steve were married at Snow Canyon Outlook and the scenery was beautiful. Steve's father married the cute couple.

Octavia looked gorgeous!
Tavi said she wanted her bouquet so big so couldn't hold it. This was one of my favorite bride's bouquet that I've done.
I love that dumb bout! But I'm madly in love with succulents right now, so that's probably why.

Wedding Reception

The flowers turned out cute. The dahlias and ranunculus were gorgeous. I'm starting up my floral business again.... so if you know anyone in the Salt Lake area who needs a floral designer for their wedding - let me know.

Lexi made the pinkalicious cake with the 2 love birds.

Steve hired a great blue grass band. The kids loved it! My kids keep asking to hear the wedding song. I had no clue what song they were talking about until we heard John Denver's Take Me Home Country Roads song in the car and they started screaming "The Wedding Song".

This is such a good picture of Lexi. I love being in the kitchen with her! She is constantly saying, "How can you cook like this? It's so messy!". Then she'll grab the dishes and start washing and return to whatever she was making.
This was probably the most exciting part of the night!
The kids (and adults) loved watching the paper lanterns go up.

The lanterns honestly stressed me out. I was waiting for a fire to start. Several got caught on the palm tree by the pool and one on the electrical line, but other than that no wildfires. whew

Snow Canyon Family Pictures

I love how siblings act like each other. How about Oliver and Violette's smiles?
Jesse's Family
Ezra's fam.
Grandma Linda and Grandpa Dwain. Is there anything more frustrating than a dead battery?!
Uhhhh. I'm planning on stealing pics from Jesse and Rozannah someday.

Sea Pool

So Dad wanted to paint the pool, which I thought would just be another layer of blue. Oh was I wrong!

Everyone took sections and made their own creature(s).

It turned out amazing - we can't wait to swim.

Game Night

Rozannah wanted to play minute to win it, but everyday was always packed and before we knew it - it was bedtime. Finally on one of the last nights we played, and we were in it to win it.

Chris vs. CR

Ezra vs Dad

Ryan vs. Momma Lee

Grandma vs Grandpa (it was a tie)

Violette just held it on her forehead the entire time.

Good Job Mariel!