Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Turkey

Violette's birthday fell on Thanksgiving (which was absolutely delicious), but we pretended it was on Saturday. We HAD to wait for "Baby" (Solomon).

We love how she is her own person, sometimes it can be a tad difficult. She came downstairs the other day ready to go in her outfit she picked out herself. Truthfully, if she could be naked all day she would, no matter the weather.

This child can smell candy a mile away. Remember how she use to chew through boxes?
Now nothing is safe. She is constantly walking around the house with "snacks" she has gotten all by herself.

She was quite the helper on Thanksgiving. She peeled 3 onions for me.

I love my husband and son.

Her breakfast morning. Do you love spiderman as much as we do? Don't worry she does have girly jammies too.

Her cake turned out so cute. I wish these pictures would show how cute it was.

I love when we ask her where her ear is, she wiggles it, and when we ask her where our ear is, she grabs our ears and wiggles them too.

The party guests.

Oliver was the entertainment for the party. The kids loved having the car go through their legs.

Yes our Tree went up the day after Thanksgiving, actually we got it on Wednesday. If I could I would get a tree for my birthday in October.

Seriously aren't they so cute? I know you want to make some. They were super easy, they just take a little time. Go here.
Things we as a family are Thankful for this year: (in no particular order)
Birthday Girl and her siblings
teachers and school
yummy food
things that make us laugh
make up (Penelepe)
and Gravity, because without it we would be floating all over the place (Oliver).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our week

How about this lovely outfit? She does dress herself everyday. Even on days when she asks me to help her, I'll pull something out and then she'll say, "No I want to wear this." On Friday they have theme days at school. Last Friday it was mix match day.

Our "Little Mother".

Oliver's first diorama. The Raft by Jim LaMarche

Oliver's teacher from his first grade class, Miss Sacco, is brilliant and I love her. She organized a fundraiser for "not wanted" candy to be sent to our service men overseas. Oliver said they "raised at least over 400 pounds". If that really is true - that is sick. Can you believe all that candy could have possibly been eaten by the kids. He also thinks his school got the most out of any schools in the state. Even if it's not true - I still love the fundraiser. Our kids were only allowed to keep 14 pieces each (2 for each day for the week). They were great about it and didn't even complain. What good kids.