Sunday, November 29, 2009

Birthday Time

Doesn't it seem like it was just yesterday when we posted her debut picture. Ok I'll only allow myself to write it once - It is so sad how fast she has grown up this past year! Good thing I have pictures to remind me she once was a little baby!

Three months old.

Eight months old.

11 months
And if you missed her first birthday party because you live a couple thousand miles away...... We took lots of pictures so you could be there.

Her Dad helped her get ready for the big party.

She was a little excited for it.

Playing around before all the guest arrived.

Violette how old are you?

Rozannah made her the adorable apron! It took Violette awhile to want to play with her stroller (her older siblings had to test it out for her) but why would she want to play with a stroller when her favorite baby was in the room.

She just really wanted to hang out with Solomon.

She did invite one of her friends, who is the original "20 Pound Bag of Sugar". She is so darling and everyone loved that she came to play.

The cake the party guests ate.

Why is everyone singing and smiling at me? (Isn't her hat cute? Rozannah made that too!)

She didn't know what to do with it - luckily the older kids were there to show her.

This is really what she thought of the cake.

Of course she eventually knew what to do with it. Play with it - not eat it.

I'm done - you can have the rest.

One of Violette's first words HOT. She just says the H for about a minute.
What a happy sweet baby she is.
We love you Violette.

We're grateful for these turkeys.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oliver's 1st grade Turkey.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cue Music

So our family loves - So You Think You Can Dance. It's the only show we really watch. Since we have been watching this season we have heard alot of this....
Penelepe: Oliver say cue music.
(Somedays she has to beg for a few minutes and somedays Oliver plays right along)
Oliver: Cue Music.
Then Penelepe dances for awhile then....
Oliver: You're not going to Vegas.
Penelepe will then usually whine/cry for a minute or so then.....
Oliver: Just kidding - YOU'RE GOING TO VEGAS!!!!

The other night Oliver said, "Maybe in 15 years I can be a judge". Honestly he is too nice to be a judge - everyone would make it to Vegas.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The rest of Halloween

If this little girl said trick or treat with those puppy brown eyes I'd give her all the candy in the house, good thing she can't talk yet.

Penelepe's outfit came from Rozannah's neighbor Frank. His daughter had extra cheer leading outfits from a cheer camp. She even has on real cheer shoes that can change colors to match the team - how funny is that. On Halloween she said she wanted to be a butterfly again, but then settled on a cheerleader. I felt very safe trick or treating without Ryan - because Oliver has bulked up lately at the gym.

Oliver's class was very excited for Halloween. They had a party and because the school district is trying to get the kids to eat healthy, only healthy snacks were allowed and the kids were not able to bring treats (which I think is great - less sugar). Can you see their healthy snack? From now on when you want a healthy snack you can grab a couple donut holes. Here we come Paulas!

Our friends Candice and Ezra had a spur of the moment Halloween party. I must say Halloween is growing on me. Any holiday with cute yummy food we'll enjoy!
The Kings made yummy zombie pizzas.

Rozannah made these adorable mice.

She also made this veggie graveyard to go with nachos and the cute chips pictured below.

The Kings made the Big BAD WOLF eggs or Devil Deviled eggs however you would like to interpret them.

We made the friendly ghosts.

And spider free guacamole.

And eye ball meatballs.

The host Candice made these cute mummys.

Cupcakes are my new favorite things to make.
(If your bored and want to see the really cute professional pictures check out Candice's blog - her pictures are way cuter than mine. She is a pro!)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Spooky Ward Halloween Party

Violette is our Super Baby Girl!

As we were taking the picture I told Lorenzo to "FLY". His costume was amazing and it was all hand sown by Rozannah (doesn't she make you sick?!) He looked darling as did Solomon, sorry no pictures of him.
The past few Halloweens I have either been an old lady or the big bad wolf who ate an old lady - so I thought I'd take a younger approach this year. I think from now on I'll do my makeup like this everyday. I better call my mary kay lady and stock up on black eyeliner (oh and buy eye make up remover - that took forever to get off).

If you googled best Halloween cupcakes I'm sure you saw these. I couldn't resist making these - they were so fun!

And if you're wondering what your cupcakes would look like if you stored them in the oven, away from kids and their grabby hands, and then preheated the oven for sugar cookies and forgot about your Frankenstein army - here is a picture. Please don't cry - the second batch was way faster.

Carving Pumpkins - The Cheater's Way

Even without carving them - they turned out pretty scary!

Even Violette had a turn to paint.

I love how hard they are concentrating on their painting skills.