Sunday, February 1, 2015

Oliver's Christmas concert 2014

Oliver played a Christmas concert at the hospital this year with his middle school band. He has been playing for just over a year now. I was running just a few minutes late and walked into the hospital and heard beautiful Christmas music and I thought the high school must be playing first. But it was the middle school orchestra they did an amazing job!

Oliver's arrow of light ceremony May 2014

Oliver and Keygen

Violette's PreK Graduation

 I didn't realize this would be a concert!  I thought they would hand Violette her "Diploma" and that would be it. Well I was wrong and her program was so cute and all the songs were adorable, and I wish I would have recorded her songs.

 She loved Mrs. Stevens! (in Kindergarten the kids were asked to dress up like someone famous - she asked if she could be Mrs. Stevens)