Sunday, January 25, 2015

Oliver's 11th birthday and Sylvie Rue's 2nd 2014

School Pictures

 5th Grade
2nd Grade

Perfect spring day for wrestling (spring 2014)

The winner!!!


 Easter coloring

Silly Sylvie 2014

She loves purses.
 She also loves to fight with her Dad.

 Before she was potty trained she would put on as many pairs of underwear she could find.

 Her and her makeup!

November 2013

Oliver and Landon and their Lego creations.

November 25th, 2013

Violette's 5th Birthday!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Trockel Cousin Fun March 2014

Oliver's pinewood durby

 Oliver has the best cheerleaders supporting him!!

Penelepe it's great to be Eight!!!

Penelepe's Baptism March 22, 2014

 Penelepe was baptized and confirmed by her Dad.

 She was baptized in the same dress her Mom was baptized in.
 Uncle Chris Trockel gave an excellent talk on the Holy Ghost. He said just like the sunlight can't reach into some basements we need to be in places where the Holy Ghost can reach us. Our good family friend Sister Hammond stepped in at the last minute to give the baptism talk because Moma Lee and Papa Lee couldn't make it.

 We pretended like the Terry's were her "grandparents". We loved having them there!

 Lorenzo and Violette both lost their first tooth that weekend! Twinners!
 We braved Nauvoo and the freezing weather. Kids showing off their prairie diamonds.
 We love having the Trockels live in Tulsa, only an eight hour drive!! That's doable!