Sunday, November 10, 2013

Some days

Some days the girl's hair turn out really cute. Penelepe looked so darling with her bow. Violette really wasn't sure about it. She wanted a bow, but with her layers we had to do 2 and she did Not like it. We love Violette's faces. She is always honest in how she feels about something.

We Love Nice People

The other day (really month) I was in the long line at the grocery store and a woman came up to look at and then buy one bunch of flowers right by the cash register. I told her to cut in front of me, I knew by the time I finished loading ALL my groceries she would be out the store. While I was loading she quickly ran back and grabbed another bunch of flowers and gave me one! So sweet!

Every Last Drop

First day of school!

 First day of 5th and 2nd grade. Oh I won't say how sad it is that they grow up way too fast.
 First day of Pre-K for Violette! Can you tell this family loves green. We didn't plan all wearing green, but it happens a lot.
 Violette was so ready for school to start. Pre-K started a week and a half after the older kids.

Violette loves school - just not the waking up part.


 Sylvie LOVES to play with Bobo (Bode). Sylvie can say Mom, Dad, and Bobo for names - that's how much she loves him! They are just so stinking cute together! They are about 3 weeks apart in age and go through the same phases and stages. Like spinning around in circles until they fall down.

 The kids also love playing with Bode's older brother too.
Going for a ride in the park. Everyone thought my "boys" were so cute. They obviously didn't see Sylvie's hearts on her shirt.
How to mother's of twins ever get a good picture?!!! I think I took about 500 pictures of the twinners  to try to get a good one with both of them!

Summer Catch-UP

 These Naked Lilies were so beautiful!
We had a rugged camping trip this summer in our friends backyard. Sylvie loved lounging by the fire.

The last few days before school started we finished redoing Ryan's office. The kids were great helpers and helped stained for their last 3 days of freedom. Look how happy they were! (Oliver saw this picture and said, "Uhhh I remember when we had to stain for like 3 weeks!".  But it was worth it - they all got concretes at Culvers.

Science Experiments