Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sylvie Rue's 1st Birthday!

 I'm going to be honest and say that I hate that she is one! Why do they have to grow up so fast.

 We love her cheesy smile and her bald little head!
 Her 1st bubbles...

 It's so hard being the youngest sometimes. When the kids leave for school she looks out the door and waits for them.

 Some days she'll try to take off with Penelepe's backpack.
 Her 1st present from Grandma DeEtte - she really wasn't sure what to do.
 We gave her a little pony - can you see her scared reaction? It was so cute. Violette showed her how nice it was - so she didn't have to be scared.

 She got a baby doll as well - she was much happier with that present!

 She loved the ice cream! She really didn't love her banana cake.
We love Sylvie Rue! She is such a sweet heart! She loves baby dolls, being outside, making  messes, and playing hide n seek.

Sylvie's First Steps

She was trying to get the Desitin that Violette was holding, every babies favorite.

Chicken Nuggets!

Violette asked if she could make her chicken nuggets for dinner, on Sunday night the kids fend for themselves for dinner. She made all of those just for her! mmmmmm she was really hungry - luckily Oliver and Penelepe helped her out.

School Pics

 Am I the only Mom that always forgets the day of school pictures?! Luckily my kids are cute all the time!!
If we had remembered Penelepe would have been in a dress, or maybe not.... She asked me why I can't remember?


 All 3 kids are in soccer this year. Wednesdays are super busy with all 3 practices and Scouts!
 We love watching Violette play - she is pretty intense!

 Her favorite teammate Gabby and her are always hugging! They usually don't play at the same time because they are too busy talking to each other when they are on the field.
 Penelepe is so aggressive and usually scores  several goals a game. 
The first few games have been so cold and we've learned to bundle up!

1st Pinewood Derby

 Oliver made his car all by himself with just a little help with cutting, and if needed Ryan was their for advice. He took 3rd place!
 We had several boys over that needed help with their cars and one took 2nd!


 We decided to be natural this Easter and dye our eggs with veggies and no chemicals. Sounds healthy, but our eggs were not cute.
 Violette is cute.
 But the eggs looked more like dinosaur snake eggs.... so we did a redo.

They may not have been organic eggs but they were cuter.