Thursday, October 29, 2009

How is this Possible?

What you can't sleep while you're standing up?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pre-Halloween Trick -

The perfect cheer....
Taco, Burrito.....
Check me out

No this is not Oliver's costume, but he said not All cheerleaders are girls - they have boys to throw the girls.

This is one of her new favorite places in the house, other than the stairs. She loves to look out and talk to whoever may be outside. She gets super excited if she sees an animal.

This girl has the longest arms ever! I don't know how she does it, but she always seems to find whatever she shouldn't have on the table when my back is turned! Look at that mischievous smile and shes not even one yet.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This has been going on for a couple weeks now. Everyone is super excited about it, except her mother. Why are the kids in such a rush to grow up already?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Late Summer

September was Beautiful and we enjoyed every minute outside that we could! We went Raspberry picking at Awald Farms this year and as long as we are here it will be a family tradition. Outside of Buffalo in any direction is gorgeous as long as it's not city. It was so relaxing to be there an pick these delicious berries.

Violette was prepared for the sprinkles.

It was torture for her not to be able to eat any of the raspberries.

The pumpkins there were ginormous! Bigger than Oliver, I believe you could have hollowed them out and floated down the river.

Unfortunately the sprinkles turned into a down pour so our picking was short and our picnic ended up in the car. Don't worry we went back for more a week later.
These beauties (the picture does not do them justice) are Concord Grapes, aka Blue Grapes or Slip Skins as the locals call them. They are so pretty they look fake. Our neighbor gave us bags full, which we turned into delicious jelly and pie. Our family is definitely set for jelly and jam, with our raspberry, strawberry, grapes jams/jelly. We love fresh fruit.
Our neighbor squeezes out the inside which is the green stuff with seeds and swallows the seeds and all without chewing. The skins are not tasty to eat, honestly I didn't even try them because everyone said how awful they were. Penelepe was the only one that loved to do it, and she ate as many as she could get her hands on.

But the skins gave beautiful color and the flavor. (Not that you can really see in this photo)

Solomon is Violette's favorite person. It is so hard to teach a 10 month old to be soft.

She gets so excited when he visits, she races over to him the second she sees him.

One of Oliver's favorite past times this summer.

Penelepe's face just kills me!

Last days of Kindergarten - First Day of 1st Grade

This post should have been done months ago . . . but oh well - we'll do it now.
Oliver loved Kindergarten, Mrs. Meacham, and all his classmates. He received several awards last year. If you ask him about the awards he'll tell you about them in this order . . . First he received a walking award for walking 62 miles (even though his certificate says 61) and also he got a courage award. Those are the two he talks about and then I have to prompt him on his last which he always forgets, but is my favorite - his Most Improved Reading Award. They had an award assembly on one of the last days. The kids were able to view their pictures on a big screen. Mrs. Meacham will be teaching 2nd grade for the next two years, and Oliver has said several times maybe he can have Mrs. Meacham again, we hope so as well.

Most Improved Reader and Walking Award for 61 miles.
First Day of 1st Grade. Oliver is in Miss Sacco's class this year and there are a lot more kids than last year in his class so we'll see how it goes. So far so good....

Good job Oliver - Keep up the Good work!

And lets not forget about Penelepe. She kept asking who her teachers were. She finally has come to terms with her teachers being her Mom and Dad for right now.