Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bridal Shower

It was so Windy, but everyone pretended not to mind too much. I wish I would have taken more pictures - don't worry we got a lot at the wedding!


Sayde took this picture of the sisters.
We were unable to see a lot of our friends due to lack of time, but we were able to see Tom and Shanda and their family. The last time we saw them Oliver was a little over a year old, it has been awhile.

It would be fun when school is over to end up close to them - our kids are all within a couple months of each other. Calli and Penelepe and Casin and Oliver
Violette and Jackson
We ran out of sunlight at the park.

Summer days in Salt Lake

UnderDog!!! One more Please!

I'm not sure Violette needs an UnderDog.

First time on the slide. She wasn't really sure of what just happened Or if she liked it.

Beach Babe

We went to our favorite water park in Roy.

Where in the world is Penelepe and Oliver?

Super Oliver - We love this picture of Oliver.

Family Time

Grandma DeEtte and Sasha, and Grandma Pat and Violette

Grandma Ruby and Grandpa Clyde

Even though we were in the Salt Lake area for over a week our time was still way too short there!

Night at the Museum of Natural History

Grandma DeEtte and Grandpa Mike planned one of our FHE and the kids loved it. Who knew History was so fun? Well, Oliver already did and he pretty much knew everything about the dinosaurs - He loved it!

Oliver picked out this picture of Uncle Chris for the blog. Sorry to all the other Uncles but Chris is by far the "Favorite Uncle". Uncles 8 years old and younger were not included in the "Uncle" Category

If ever approached by an animal from this exhibit - Do Not Feed Him Candy!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Family Vacation Part One

Due to a shotgun wedding in Utah our family had an impromptu vacation that we all loved! Really thanks to Grandma Barb and Grandpa Lincoln for having a wonderful wedding - we wouldn't have missed it for anything!!!

We flew from Buffalo to Detroit and I thought it would be so cute to get a picture of Oliver and Penelepe riding the escalator.... It was Penelepe's first time and she put one foot on the escalator and one foot stayed on solid ground. She ended up doing the splits with her hands trying to pull herself up on the glass wall. I was doubled over in laughter and Ryan was yelling at me to grab her - it all happened so fast but was hilarious. Well if you think I am mean for laughing at my daughter, she got me back on our way home from St. George. We took a red eye from Vegas and Ryan and I had NO SLEEP, we were tired and hungry. When we got into Detroit at 7:00am we decided to grab something to eat. Ryan stayed with Violette and our backpacks and Oliver, Penelepe, and I ran to grab some food. On our way back to our gate I got on the downward stairs escalator and turned around and Penelepe was still on the floor and would not get on the escalator. So there I was jogging in place with my 3 orange juices and 3 egg McMuffins trying (remember I am Exhausted!) to get back up to Penelepe. There were so many people I was afraid by the time I got to the bottom and got back up to her I would lose her. I finally made it after who knows how long, with who knows how many people laughing! It was a good workout and we were able to provide good wholesome entertainment for hundreds of people before their morning flight. (ok maybe not hundreds but close)

Violette and her cousin Sasha at their first meeting. Violette is only 5 days older, hopefully in a couple years we can live closer so they can become BCFs, Best Cousins Forever.
Enjoying a great hot dog roast at Grandma DeEtte's and Grandpa Mike's!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hill cumorah Pageant

The stage is amazing, almost as amazing as the number of performers - around 700! Who wants to perform next year?

Our neighbor Rueben and Oliver being his usuall self. Even with it being in July we got cold during the performance.

This year instead of sitting as far away as possible we decided to get seats a little closer to the action. We really enjoyed the pageant and loved the special affects. Our neighbors went with us, which made the show even better.
To learn more about the Hill Cumorah Pageant visit their site: