Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh we LOVE this Girl! Thanks for being in our family Violette!

Twice the Blessings

*** Warning***Warning***
If you do not like pictures please do not view the two following posts!

Look how excited she was to be blessed. We waited until Papa Lee could be here for the blessing, and then we waited until baby Solomon was born to be blessed on the same day. We were able to bless both babies at the Trockel home on July 8th, before Papa Lee had to leave.

Grandma DeEtte made "the dress" for Penelepe and we were so happy it still fit Violette at 7 months.

The Two Blessed Babes.

Grandma DeEtte made these shoes just for Violette.

We love Aunt Mariel!

And Aunt Sayde

Uncle Simon too!

And of course Papa Lee!

(Grandma DeEtte also made this cute dress and hat as well!!!)

What better way to celebrate a baby blessing than fireworks!

O is for Oliver

Early July

Aunt Mariel, Aunt Sayde, and Uncle Simon came for a visit, and of course MomA and PapA Lee!
Fossil digging (Oliver could spend the entire time here at the zoo)

Do Not Touch Rhino!
(Sorry we didn't see the sign until after the pictures)

I took probably 50 pictures of the carousel and only two turned out
(sorry I'm not Rozannah! ")

Chris Don't Look

We (meaning - mainly Sayde) made hair bows for the girls and Lorenzo was our model.

Our chauffeur after the fireworks, don't worry she has a good teacher, she'll be learning to drift soon.

Penelepe loves umbrellas, good thing she had it for the "Maid of the Mist".

As the winds changed up at Niagara Falls we got soaked (Penelepe not so bad) and Oliver just kept yelling "It's the Maid of the Mist". Just in case everyone didn't know.
Oliver is pointing to the boats that take you right up to the falls. The boats have different colored ponchos, either they are yellow ponchos on one boat or they are all blue. Penelepe told us the yellow ponchos were bad guys. Several days later Oliver went with Simon, Sayde, Mariel, Moma Lee, and Papa Lee on one of the boats. Don't worry they were blue - The Good Guys. whew
I know I have posted a million pictures of the Falls, but not with Moma Lee.