Sunday, September 14, 2008

Joys of Public School - Maybe we should Home School

So Oliver never tells me anything about school. It has been driving me crazy! Unless I really pry I might get some descriptive answer, but he usually says he forgot what he learned and he had fun. Well that's great that he's having fun I guess, I just wonder if he will learn anything. On Friday he came home and his hair was messy in the back (it was probably from riding the hot bus home with his hood on) but I asked him why his hair was so messy. He then told me his class went to see the nurse and the nurse also fixes hair! Hmmm interesting. He continued to say- ya she uses wooden sticks to fix our hair. What? Weird? I couldn't think of why on earth the nurse would be fixing their hair. A few minutes later after reading through his take home folder from the school I found the answer. LICE!!!! A girl in his class has lice. Great he's only been in school a week and a half and now he is going to have LICE! Hopefully not - if he does I will be so mad. Maybe home school would be better. I would know what he is doing all day and he wouldn't get lice. Except for I'm positive I don't have the patience to teach Oliver - he is always correct and I am always wrong about everything. I doubt he would learn anything - so I guess we'll take our chances with lice and keep him in public schools.

My head itches just thinking about it uhhhhh!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One School Day Down 3,401 Days to Go

First Day of School Finally arrived! Oliver has been so excited for this day and has been on the count down. He had to go to bed "early" the night before because it was a "school night" and he asked what a school night was. Our 3rd grade neighbor explained how "boring" school nights were because you HAD to go to bed early so you could get up early and be ready for school. (Thanks Stephen for helping). Oliver didn't mind too much to have to go to bed early last night because I told him the sooner he went to bed the sooner he could get on the bus. He woke up easily enough and was all set to go. Oliver and Cannon, Oliver's new BFF who lives just a couple houses down, are in the same class - Oliver is very excited about that. When he got on the bus there was literally no looking back so he was definitely ready for school. Then when he arrived home from school there was NO - I missed you Mom!, or How are you Mom?, or What did you do today Mom? - the first thing he said was - Can I go across the street and play. Yes I obviously missed him way more than he missed me. When I asked what he learned he said lots of stuff - but he couldn't really remember. He did tell me he knows a lot more about his teacher than he did yesterday. Also that all the boys in his class are his friends and only two of the girls are his friends, he then said he didn't meet the other girls yet. There are I think 15 kids in his class, which is ALL DAY (I still think its too long - but I'm sure when the baby is here I will be loving the All Day school). Tonight as he got ready for bed early (because it was another School Night) he said "Huh why do I have to do this every year!" and I laughed and said do you mean every night and he said "No I have summer vacation" - (da Mom don't you know I have summer vacation) So he loves school, but hates school nights. Oh I love you Oliver

Summer Time and the Living is Easy