Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pool Pass

 We got a pass to our pool down the street this summer and enjoyed the water. It's an old school pool, but the kids still loved it (until we went to the new age pool w/ slides and fountains). Then they realized it was a little out of date. They still wanted to go swimming in it.

Oliver and Penelepe both were nervous to try the high dive but Penelepe was the first one to go off. Really I think they were more nervous about the teenagers at the deep end of the pool than the actual dive.

Nauvoo Pageant

We love Nauvoo! The Pageant was so fun we went twice this year and still didn't do everything we wanted to do - looks like we'll have to go back again next year.

 Our friends the Bair family were in the Pageant this year and it was so fun to see them! "Help! Help we're stuck in the mud!" They all looked adorable in their pioneer attire!

Rendezvous with the Rands Family!

 We were so happy when Rachel called us and told us they would be within driving distance to see them this summer! We met at Moraine View State Park for a picnic and swim. We love cousins!!! It was a great visit - way too short, but it was long enough for Penelepe to get a horrible sunburn!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kid's first Book Club

 This summer the kids started a book club or should we say book party? They read The Red Pyramid and then played games relating to the book. The first game, and their favorite, was the Pictionary Whisper Game. As you can see from the photo Penelepe and Oliver were almost rolling on the floor from laughing so hard.
 Another favorite was the obstacle course.

They also read the Sea of Monsters and we'll see if they'll continue it during school or if it will just be a summer book party.....