Sunday, June 23, 2013

Go Bee's

The girls may have gotten bored during the game -
 so they played on the playground with the other gazillion bored children.

Princess Party

 Penelepe and Violette were invited to Ana Lisa's Princess Birthday Party. They both loved it!
 (Showing off her nails - her favorite part!)

Their hair was so cute - Violette asked several times if they were done yet. Her hair took awhile to do.

Summer Reading Program

 Our library has a great summer reading program and the kids have loved participating in it. They also have enjoyed the entertainers. Glen Beck's younger brother "Conductor Jack" was a favorite so far. Ok he's really not Glen Beck's younger brother, but he sounds just like him and they look similar, maybe they're cousins.
 Violette was too scared to go up and dance and I think Oliver was feeling a little too cool for school to help her. Her friend Dallen (who reminds me so much of Oliver when he was little) kept trying to get her to go up.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Breakout the Neosporin and band aids....

cause it's summer! Violette had the first great crash of the summer, and it wasn't even on her bike. She was riding in a wagon that tipped and her 9 year old friend Sarah landed on top of her. It is the worst feeling as a Mom seeing your child's head skid across the pavement yards away knowing their is nothing you can do to stop it. As you can see with her smile she is fine - nothing a few band aids and her friend's littlest pet shop and princess dolls couldn't fix.
 Spring Soccer finished up this weekend. The kids loved it.

Violette's team had only 2 players show up for their last game, it was Violette and Gabby! They were so cute and played the entire time!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


If Sylvie can find a pen or pencil she is drawing. So far she will also find any kind of paper to draw on, I'm sure that won't last long and she will move on to bigger canvases soon. We do try to keep the writing tools up, especially crayons since those are her favorite snack.

 It's just so cute to watch - she is so careful and quiet.
 Lately we have been trying to find treasures for Ryan's office makeover. Isn't this a beauty?

Violette's War Paint

 This girl loves her make-up.
 Hmmmm does this look good?
 Yes it does!
 Can you see the make-up under her eyes?

This tree is in our backyard and it has been gorgeous! The blooms have lasted several weeks!

CRaZy Weather

 We have had flooding here in Burlington for the past month, it receded for a couple weeks and now it's flooding again. These pictures are from the first time it flooded a month or so ago.

We have had several tornado watches - which if anybody knows me, freaks me out! The other day we had a horrible storm and the entire time during the storm I kept thinking we are fine - we haven't heard the sirens so it can't be that serious. The kids and I walked out to the front porch to see what was happening, and we saw several people driving and a cable employee get out in front of our house and walk around, so no worries. Right then our neighbors huge tree in front of us snapped! We ran inside to find the electricity out and headed for the basement. The siren had been going off and we couldn't hear it!!!
 Passing the time during the storm with a super healthy toxic snack.
 And then as if it couldn't get any more exciting!!! we had a small electrical fire down our lane in the tree branches!
The storm felt similar to the December storm in Bountiful that knocked down all the trees. The aftermath has been sad to see, with all the beautiful trees torn apart.
 In May we were so excited for Aunt Lindsay to visit and somehow we managed not to get a picture with her!  We went to Carthage and Nauvoo, I don't think we will ever get bored of visiting Nauvoo.

This picture was taken 5 years ago this spring on our way out to Buffalo, who knew we would end up living so close to Nauvoo!