Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bow and Arrows

 We have the greatest parks close by with so much to do! We have been using the archery park for our Olympic training.

Penelepe the brave door hunter.
 Ryan trying to get us our dinner of squirrel.
 Sylvie's favorite game is to crawl up the stairs and then get stuck up at the top and cry for someone to save her.
 Violette and her faces, we can't get enough.

 Violette also picks out the best outfits. She is Always wearing a skirt and headbands.
It's too hard to pick one flower.


 Momma Lee and Mariel, now Sister Lee, came out for a visit before she left on her mission to the Ukraine. We are so excited for her!
 The kids learned the art of rope making.

We wanted to help Mariel be ready for the snow so we scheduled a nice snow storm for her visit. She has been too spoiled in St. George, or maybe we are too jealous.
 Violette loves learning dance moves from her Dad.