Sunday, February 24, 2013

Penelepe's Before and After

 It HAD to be done.... so sad. It will grow back. Penelepe likes it so maybe it won't grow back ALL the way.

Another Snowy Cold Day

The kids tried to get past our home security lasers.

For weeks afterwards Violette tied everything together with lasers.

Dr. Oliver

 We have some really old, old wooden floors in our house, and every once in a while someone gets a sliver. I'm sure you can imagine how Penelepe reacts when she gets a sliver from her picture. She won't let me even look at it, luckily she has the best brother ever who can help her.

 Violette usually gives us some great comedy relief when someone needs it.
 And Sylvie Rue is just so stinking cute - she makes us smile all the time.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Living Windows

 One night during December Burlington had their annual Living Windows displays. The kids loved the horse drawn carriage ride.
 Their favorite window was the singing Muppet's rocking out to Christmas songs! They could have stayed all night watching them.
 The kids also found Santa. Violette didn't say much, just smiled.
 Oliver knew what to do and told Santa what he would like.
 And Penelepe took a few minutes to get over her shyness but finally asked for her list.
 Penelepe was super excited for her Christmas concert.  We loved her singing her songs all month getting ready for it.