Sunday, August 19, 2012

Raingutter Regatta

Oliver's first Raingutter Regatta. He carved, sanded, and painted it all my himself, no help from his Dad. Anyone who knows Oliver knows how competitive he is! He blew so hard and so much trying to speed his boat along that he passed out. Oliver loved it and he received the Best Craftmanship Reward.

Oliver's 9th Birthday

 Aunt Lindsay and Grandma DeEtte planned a super fun obstacle course birthday party for Oliver! Everyone loved it.

The Winners!!!
 The losers :(

Happy Birthday Oliver!

Spring Break

 Over Spring Break the kids had a Lemonade Stand almost every day of the entire week of the break. They would hold up their little sign and YELL lemonade. It was so obnoxious, but somehow they managed to make money every time they did it, and they would split it up amongst all the neighborhood kids who helped yell.

Rat Tail

 Have you ever thought - my child will never..... Well who knows if I ever really thought that about a rat tail haircut for my son, but I've honestly never liked them. At Christmas time I was cutting Oliver's hair and I thought it would be funny for him to have a rat tail. Uncle Chris (Ryan's bro - not Rozannah's significant other) at the time had something kind of like a rat tail, but not really. I had to talk Oliver into the hair cut. I told him we would cut it off in a couple of days. Well he grew attached to it and wouldn't let me cut it off. So a couple days turned into a couple of months. It took everything I had not to cut it off in his sleep. He finally let me cut it in April. We tried to make a deal with Lexi that if he cut it off then she had to cut her dread locks.......Lexi it's your turn now.