Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reid Family Easter Party

So I don't know if its because I'm becoming more like my Dad and not wanting to celebrate the "traditions" of holidays or that I'm fat and lazy, but I really wasn't excited about an Easter Egg Hunt this year. Luckily for my kids they live close to their amazing Grandma DeEtte. Penelepe was on the count down for Grandma's party. She knows Grandma has the Best Parties.

Thanks Lindsay for all the pictures and sharing them!!!!
Grandma Pat helped the kids decorate cupcakes.

Sasha and Bankston waiting for their cupcakes.

Cute little EllyBug.

Grandma DeEtte also has the Best Easter Egg Hunts.

All the "Big Kids" were partnered with "Little Kids" in a random drawing of names, and all kids were partnered with their parents. Except for Oliver and Bankston lucked out and got Cash and Kenzie as their partners.

The Hunt was also indoors as well.
The best part about Grandma DeEtte's parties are her fabulous prizes.

My fabulous gloves, in my favorite color.
AND at Grandma's egg hunts her eggs have $$$$ in them. Grandpa Rich counting out the dollars.
Ashley's money dance. Lucky. She got $10 in hers! ")
The kid's fabulous prizes.

Kenzies sweet moves.