Sunday, January 22, 2012

"My Baby"

I am fearful for our new baby girl. Violette is so excited I'm afraid she is going to smother her. Constantly all day long she says, "Mommy you have a baby in your belly? Where's her shirt? My baby like this. My baby want to eat this." The baby in my belly is no longer my baby but Violette's baby. Violette watched the entire 20 minute dvd of the ultra sound and kept asking where her shirt was, and it still baffles her that she doesn't have a shirt on. After watching the video she asked if she could feed the baby, and we had to explain that the baby eats what I eat. Violette will bring me food all day long saying, "My baby wants to eat this." Usually it's candy. The other day she brought me candy even before breakfast saying My baby wants to eat this, and when I told her that her baby sister doesn't eat treats before lunch she said, "yes she does". Violette is also concerned that her baby sister is bored. She'll hand me toys and tell me, "My baby wants to play with this, " and then she'll set it on my tummy. The other day she brought me a candle stick holder for her sister to play with. She also wants to kiss her baby sister all the time.
If she is this infatuated with her sister now, what is it
going to be like when she can actually see and touch her sister?
I'm scared.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Penelepe

Penelepe loves ice cream so we had loaded ice cream sundays for her party.
I forgot my camera for the party. What kind of mother am I? Luckily Aunt Lindsay remebered hers! Thanks!

She finally lost her front tooth that held on by a tiny thread for weeks. It was so ugly! We tried everything to get her to pull it, but she waited patiently for it to fall out by itself. I love her toothless grin.
Her loves (in no particular order): PINK, drawing/coloring, writing love notes to her Mom and Dad, makeup, friends, pizza, guacamole, and chips and salsa. When Oliver and her Dad are gone she asks about every 15 minutes how much longer until they get home.
This past week she has been super sick with a high fever and horrible cough. She hasn't slept very well and she has been so emotional. One afternoon she started crying for no reason and I asked her why she was crying and in between sobs she said, "I really miss Lorenzo".

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Soon to be Released.....

Coming this May a new chic flick full of drama. Violette gives two thumbs up. Penelepe says, "this may be the best one yet". "It's another one!" Oliver raves. It promises to be an unpredictable family fun adventure.
Produced by Deseree' and Ryan

Baby Girl
rated G for everyone

The Wicked Winds of the East

The Hurricane in early Dec., I mean wind storm was crazy! We thought we were emergency prepared, but after this we realized we have a lot to work on. We were cold, no power, and it's hard to cook with out electricity. We took the easy way out and went to Ezra and Ashley's to get warm. Thanks!!! I borrowed all of these pictures from KSL. I have been lazy lately and haven't taken many pictures. It was so sad to see all the big old trees down - seriously sad!

Church was cancelled on Sunday for the clean up. The line to the landfill was like 5 miles long. Ryan and Oliver were in that line somewhere.


Ryan has been working on this room all week long. We are so excited for it to be done. All we have left is the floor! The kids helped out with the sanding.

Merry Christmas

Grandma Joni and Grandpa Don gave P and V their adorable Jammie's.
Christmas never lasts long enough! The kids favorite gift was a Wii from Grandma DeEtte and Grandpa Rich. They have been playing with it almost every minute possible. Once school starts we'll have to enforce time limits.

Violette 3rd Birthday Party

She had 2 joint parties this year. It has been so fun for her to live close to her cousin Sasha. They are only a few days apart for birthdays. We went to St. George for Thanksgiving and had a party at Moma and Papa Lee's.

Then another party at Sasha's a week later.

Violette is still a rat. She gets into whatever she wants - like an entire block of cheese for a snack.
Her favorite breakfast is beans and cheese. I think she may have been born in the wrong country or maybe we need to move south. She LOVES candy. Her other loves are her babies, and her ponys - which must accompany her to every bath.

Halloween 2011

This may be Oliver's 3rd year as black spider man - but who's counting?
Grandma DeEtte found these cute tutu's for the girls.

We had a super fun party at Grandma DeEtte's and Grandpa Rich's house.
Grandma made each child a bag and they got to decorate them.

My puking pumpkin and mini pumpkins. I love pinterest!
Lindsay's amazing Carmel apple nachos!
Uncle Eric won the best Uncle of the night award by carving pumpkins for the kids.

Our kids have loved getting to know Bankston, Gracie, and Ellie (or Ellie Bug as Violette calls her).

For the past few years I have been the candy Nazi - this year I said whatever you want. I was really hoping they would eat it all and get sick. I found Violette hiding under the bed chowing down. Oliver and Penelepe rationed theirs for several days - Oliver's may have lasted a month. Violette's was gone in a day or so.

Crazy Hair Day

It was Crazy Hair Day, not Gang Affiliation Day

Grape Harvest

Have we mentioned how much we love our yard! We juiced a bunch of grapes to make some delicious grape juice.

This girl ate more than she put in the box, but that's ok.