Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I feel like we were cheated out of our summer! The kids got out of school the day we moved from NY, June 17th, and yesterday Aug. 15th was the first day of school. Less than 2 months!! Oliver was excited to go back and Penelepe was mad she couldn't go yesterday, kindergarten starts a week later. I guess as long as the kids don't mind I shouldn't either, but I do.

Monday, August 15, 2011

4th of July

I am behind on my blogging. The few months have been a little crazy around here.

CR might have been the favorite Uncle over the weekend. The kids lined up to be thrown.

Penelepe would get so high! She started pushing off with her feet when CR threw her, plus it helps when you only weigh about 20 pounds.

Little teenager!

Luke made me laugh every time he got in. I thought he was drowning, but that's just the way he swims.

Piper was probably the best diver of all the kids.

Jake kills me!

And of course we had to have a pinata for the shared birthday/baptism party.

Lexi was in charge of the rope.

How many pieces of gum is that?

Thanks Jesse for all the great photos! In my dream world of all our family would live with in a couple of blocks!